Anti creep devices

These parts locally reinforce panels in relatively soft materials to allow  them to withstand clamping  forces.

External trim or covers clips

These parts are used for external trim (Automotive), or for covers.

Fluid hoses connections

These parts connect hoses together.

Electrical connectors

Electrical connectors housings, or fasteners for electrical connectors.

Elements for braking system

Clipped axis for brake yoke, and other parts for braking systems (Automotive).

Stops, hooks, stowing systems

These parts are end stops, hooks, or stowing systems, mainly on automobile luggage compartment.

Seat fasteners

These parts are used for seats (Automotive).

Fasteners for spare wheels and wheel covers

These parts fasten spare wheels in their housing or wheel covers on wheels (Automotive).

Balance weights

These parts dynamically balance a rotating element (Especially fan turbine).

Clips for electrical components

These parts are designed for electrical continuety or to fix electronic components.

Sink fasteners

These parts fasten the kitchen sink on supporting plate (furniture).

Clips for window sub-frames

These parts are used for window sub-frames (Building)

Clips for partitions or ceilings

These parts are used for partitions or ceilings (Building).

Non fastening products

Miscellaneous products without any fastening function.